Cylinder Testing

cylinders in yard


A Body Accredited by UKAS

The Approval covers the following specifications:

  • BS EN 1968:2002 Seamless Steel Cylinders
  • BS EN 1802:2002 Aluminium Cylinders

SITA/IDEST Approved Test Centre for Diving Cylinders and Composite Cylinders

We are equipped to Inspect/Test/Refurbish Cylinders up to 150 Litres

Beer gas cylinders, Diving Cylinders, Helium Cylinders, Oxygen Cylinders.

List of procedures for periodic inspection and test

  • Identification of cylinder and preparation for inspection and test
  • External visual inspection
  • Internal visual inspection
  • Supplementary tests
  • Inspection of cylinder neck/shoulder
  • Pressure test or ultrasonic test
  • Inspection of valve
  • Final Operations/ All Cylinders are Powder Coated
  • Rejection and rendering cylinders unserviceable

cylinder testing

We also offer a collection/delivery service.


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